Last night I enjoyed the movie “Kick-Ass“. I would give this movie a strong 8.5.

Although I was not even planning to watch this movie, the good ratings on Netflix changed my mind.  I am glad that I did change my mind.

A homely high school kid decides that he wants to try being a superhero. Although failing badly at first, he ends up teaming up with a duo and another superhero and ends up being the driving force in sealing the fate of the bad guy.

Typical superhero movie right?  Well, this movie-director and partially written by  british director Matthew Vaughn-has done things a bit differently in this superhero movie. Pleasingly different.

It’s not a comedy, but does have its funny parts. It is rated R for its foul language and a bit of nudity and sexual suggestion although mostly for its brutal violence. I would recommend this movie, though. And there is already a “Kick-Ass 2” in the making.

Let’s see what our superheroes will do next…

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