The Fair Tax is the biggest most massive transfer of power from the government to the people in the history of this country since the Declaration of Independence.

22 Million dollars invested; The most thoroughly researched piece of legislation ever placed before Congress, The Fair Tax, H.R. 25 is being considered in congress now and already has 63 Senators and Members of Congress supporting it.

But this congressional support comes from We, the People. Not the special interests.  The Fair Tax has to be implemented from the ground up, the majority of politicians aren’t going to hand you that power. You have to take it from them.

That means you must take action.

That action begins with you enrolling your name on the Fair tax petition to Congress. And it ends by saving the country we love. Start here, start now.

#1  Watch this video.  You watch it, and you will understand. It costs $330 Billion a year just to prepare taxes. That means that there is something wrong with the present tax system.

#2 Go here and sign the petition.  It cannot get any easier than that. And a whole hell of a lot simpler that the way your taxes are right now.

#3. SPREAD THE WORD. Whether you send someone here to my illustrious site , one of the other tens of thousands of sites on fairtax to learn about fairtax or give them the phone to call or the library or whatever, make them aware of HR 25.

2 thoughts on “3 Things to do for Fairtax

  1. This was really an eye-opener. I had no idea it cost a whopping $330 billion a year just to prepare taxes. Thankfully, we have an old friend who is an accountant and does them for us for free. That doesn’t solve the problem for everyone and certainly there is something wrong with the present tax system.

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