You have to improve yourself-always. You cannot go through your life not looking around you and not adapting to the variables that affect you. You will lose.

You owe it to everyone around you to strive to improve. That is if the people around you want you around. Especially if what you do(or don’t do) has a direct effect on them and they cannot do anything. Love is love, but sorry that will only go so far. Eventually the people around are going to get tired of being held back by your insensitivity. They will get resentful by the fact that you don’t seem to care.

You can’t go through life without having goals. A person without goals is like a ship without a rudder. You have to plant seeds for success to grow it. There must be hundreds of quotes in English alone to portray the idea that having goals is good. Plus you have to earnestly work towards them.

You owe yourself to make 2011 better than 2010. You have to. Look around you and see what will happen if you don’t.

One thought on “3 Reasons to make Resolutions(and keep them)

  1. To the point and simple, good read. I do agree that there always has to be that focal point in life. The herizon on the ocean where the sun sets, that gives you something to steer the boat torward. youll never get to the sun yet if you did then what? point being accomplish a goal then set sail again, hell its fun and youll never grow old to be the bird watch or the old guy who hands out old candy to the kids who visit the rest home. HAVE FUN TOGETHER ERASE THE PAST YEAR AND BE 100% HONEST WITH PEAPLE AROUND YOU ON HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEM PEOPLE AND TRUST ME DO IT IN THE MANNER THAT YOU CAN TALK NOT SCREAM AT EACH OTHER. AIR IT OUT, IT FEELS GREAT AND YOU HAVE CONTROLE BY HAVING TRUTH AND THAT MY FRIENDS IS ALL YOU NEED TO PLAN THE NEXT STEP IS TRUTH. Good read again, they make me think and i try not to do alot of that due to day in day out routine. i think i may look for my new sunset soon.

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