I has been chocolate stuffed
I has been chocolate stuffed

So if you have ever had a four legged friend and have wondered why everybody tells you not to feed the pooch chocolate or let it eat chocolate, here is why:
Theobromine. This stimulant, while being loved by so many humans, dogs and certain other animals, such as horses and cats, cannot metabolize theobromine as quickly as humans can. So the effects of this caffeinne returns horrific effects to our hounds. I also learned that, unless you force feed your feline chocolate, they will never be affected by theobromine. they have no “sweet” taste receptors. So they would never have cause to eat chocolate. Not eat chocolate?!? That might explain why cats are so damned smug to begin with.

This article gives you a good idea of what you can do in 2011 and forever to get money you will not have to pay taxes on. I am all about that in many ways, but there are some ideas here that could help.

Speaking of tax free money, One of the many reasons I have not posted in almost three weeks is that I have been building websites. One of them is Hayes Ceramic & Tile Service.  Using one of the items on the list from the last link, I bartered and made a website for Hayes in exchange for him redoing our failing fireplace. With my illustrious wife’s assistance in design, Hayes constructed this!! Pretty fair trade.

While he is for hire, I am sure he will ask me to inform that he works in the Charlotte Metro Area of NC.

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