I am not gonna bother wishing anyone a Happy Halloween…that’s just bodacious bullshit.

I was sent by someone this video of Miss USA candidates being asked whether Math should be taught in schools. Watch here. I have to decide whether it is real or not. I hope not, though.

I also saw this video which I thought was very interesting AND enlightening…we should be doing this, too. Canadians and their milk. Maybe we should be thinking more about how to get rid of cartons and waste. As opposed to…oh, well like making more babies.

Yes, that’s right I said it. I mean I have nothing right with the ACT of making babies.  I do it. Repeatedly. I should say I mean HAVING more babies. Especially if they end up like the Miss USA candidates in the first topic of this post. These baby-havers should be more like the Canadians who are doing something about the waste involved with being a human instead of creating more.

I was planning to make the topic of reaching 7 Million people on this planet but the event happened before I could post on it. Wonder where you fall in the plethora of people on this overcrowded orb? BBC has supplied this application that you can use to find out where you fall.

Don’t forget about the fact that humans are working on cures for diseases that ‘helps’ with the population control? I never really thought of myself as a religious man, but why do we have disease? If we didn’t have disease, how many people would we have on this planet? And how many of them would we be able to feed? Should we stop concentrating on how to cure disease so as to start concentrating on how to make more and better food? Maybe even food that makes us more impervious to disease?

Just sayin…

Did you also know that baby having on October 31(Halloween) is lower today than any other day of the year? True fact.


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