There are plenty of articles out there about how bad soda is for a human. Here is another one. It’s not just the soda either. The cans themselves can have chemicals on the inside coating which can also cause problems. So if you are going to drink soda, stay away from aluminum cans.

Don’t even get me started on diet sodas.

Nokia is apparently busy creating some crazy ass shit that they think is gonna work…and people will want. Does anybody want a vibrating tattoo? No, the tattoo doesn’t vibrate all the time. That would be annoying. Maybe. Depends on where the tattoo was. No, it would still get annoying.

Anyways, Nokia is working on technology that would make tattoos vibrate when, say, you have a text, email, or phone call.

Don’t think I will be standing in any line to get this…you?

Ran into this asian cartoon the other day. Think you will like.




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