So I know it has been a while since I have posted. So sue me. I really just didn’t have anything nice to say.

I did want to comment about Ray Bradbury dying. I think I only read one or two of his stories/books, but I still liked his type of writing. I was more into Heinlein and King. There were some people who were huge fans, though. Some fans really love him. Like this chick.

I love it when I end up finding out who performed a song and really had no idea who did the song but liked the song…and they really did not look anything like I thought they would look like. Unfortunately, one of those songs was by a guy who just died. That is the way I found out. Sucks for me but sucks worse for him. Anyways, the guy in question is Bob Welch. Not Bob Walsh(although I enjoy his work too-enough to know who he is), but Welch. Although he was with Fleetwood Mac, he had two songs I always enjoyed, Sentimental Lady and Ebony Eyes.

Actually, Bob did not just die but committed suicide. Some would say that this act was pretty selfish and cowardly thing to do. He was found by his wife with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest; a suicide note had been left behind. According to his wife, Welch had had spinal surgery three months earlier and doctors had told him he would not get better, and he did not want her to have to care for an invalid. I can empathize with that. Although I would say I am not crazy about the gunshot part. I am sure his wife wasn’t either. Hopefully he at least was nice enough to be close to a wall or something to not make much of a mess.

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