I will tell you right now that I am not at all fond of either presidential candidate. And the whole lesser of two evils theory of electing a new Free Leader is for the birds as well. What really bugs me is the ads you see. The mudslinging ads. Not just on TV either. I don’t think you can watch a Youtube video without watching a presidential ad either. What it comes down to is this for me: I don’t know who to trust. Especially when it comes to the “Obamacare” Act. Trying to get an unbiased pros and cons look on the whole healthcare debacle is near impossible. I think. It did seem Huffington Post’s look at the Affordable Healthcare Act(Scroll down to Lies and Distortions…)was unbiased, but I am told that Huffington Post leans as well. Can I trust the person who told me that the Huff is not unbiased also? Can I trust anybody? Opinions are like resumes are like assholes—everybody has got one.

Speaking of who can you trust, I feel so bad for Katie Holmes although I am sure she is over it. I read here that Katie Holmes was divorcing Tom because of  some very personal relationships he has with some famous MALE personalities. What does that mean? Who knows. But it was enough to get Katie and Suri the Hell out of there, no matter how much money and power the Cruisinator has got.  Is this a Scientology thing? I mean, Travolta seems/seemed to be dabbling in the same type of behavior. Kelly Preston doesn’t seem to care. Or is this just being a famous thing? Having so much money that you end up wanting to be with EVERYone.  The mere mortal middle class may never find out.

I read of this a few months ago, but it seems to keep rearing its beautiful cone and I thought I would share. It’s the pizza cone!!! Genius idea!!! I am half tempted to check in on this new franchise myself. Although this cone craze started in Italy, NY saw them as early as 2010. Entrepeneurs could get started with a franchise at the  International Pizza Expo(how do I get tickets to THAT!!!) or just google it… or you can just do it on your own. I would love to try one of these. Or 6!!!

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