As I continue to  thrive and reach half a century old, my body and mind are changing.

Parts of me slowing down,

parts of me falling,

parts of me failing,

parts of me just gone.

Parts of me are full.

Read on.

Physically, I can replace some of the things I bid adieu to. With a doctor’s help or through the help of the good old inter-of-the-net.

So what is the toughest thing I am encountering as the years continue to pile upon my smothered skeleton?  The clue is that my stupidity tolerance cup runneth over.

Trkstr67’s axiom number some-odd-number(I have a few of them).  “Much animosity is caused by taking for granted what you know.”

The question is how much more do you know?  You gotta be prepared. It helps to be forgiving, too.

Followed  by another axiom I learned a looong time ago: “There are three things in life—what you know, what you don’t know, and what you don’t know that you don’t know.”

As for me, I am aware that I may not know. I don’t pretend knowing unless the situation calls for it. If I don’t know, I make an effort to find out if I need to. Or at least know where I can for the future.

And I share. Knowledge of anything and everything is power. As does the knowledge that you may not know.

So enough about me. Now about everyone else.

A large number of people can’t help being stupid because these people are stupid in relation to the people around them.

Sometimes said stupid person can help being stupid. Because sometimes stupid is being lazy which just APPEARS to be stupid. But it’s not. It’s a healthy lap of lethargy.

Another reason people appear stupid? Apathy. They just don’t give a fuck.

Whether lazy or apathetic(sometimes both), other people have to compensate and pick up the slack of the lazy and or apathetic and or stupid. Any combination doesn’t matter.

The most important thing to know is that if you are aware the stupid people are directly around you, you can anticipate the stupidity and plan for it. Maybe even head it off.

So what do you call people who you think(or thought) should know better? Are those the truly stupid? They are certainly the most dangerous and untrustworthy.  They are ‘lapathetic’–lazy and apathetic- because they do know but choose not use their knowledge as they are expected to making everyone suffer.

Which brings up the subject of proactivity. Being proactive is smart. It is practically an antonym of lazy. I personally strive to always be proactive as much as I can in my line of work. People who are not proactive as much as humanly possible are lapathetically stupid.

Back to the subject of this brain dump:  Irritable or stupidity intolerant. The answer is both.

On a case by case basis, I am irritated but will do my best to carry a shroud of sparkling goodness and kindness and what the fuck ever else it takes to appease the relatively stupid into believing that I am the most exculpatious homo sapien on this planet. Some days I am better than other days.

In the grand scheme of things, I need a rejuvanating  restart  to relieve me of all the cookies of endured ineptitude-lapathetic or otherwise. A ‘Clear History and Temporary Living Files’ button, if you will.

So where does the line start because I will be the next in line and I will be glad to share my bliss and glee when I am clean and clear. Care to join?



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