Gary Johnson and I want a lot of the same things. I am pretty sure that you want the same things, too

Gary and I both want OUR government to stop spending money that we don’t have. Especially somewhere other than home. How is it we have millions of people who are homeless and jobless right here in this country but we can still afford to give millions to foreign countries? How does that work? That is happening because we have people in our government who are benefiting from this haphazard donations.

Gary and I both want the government to totally reform Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. They are not working or are doomed to fail.  Get rid of this socialist Obamacare. Fix our social Security system to protect our older and ailing from a life of poverty.

Gary and I both want to make the Federal Reserve transparent and regulate it. Guess what? The Federal Reserve is not Federal. It’s private. It’s just called federal. This name makes it look the Federal Reserve is run or part of the government but it is not. The members of the Federal Reserve have their own agenda, control virtually all the money, and are accountable to noone. Anybody else see a problem with this? Gary and I do.

Gary Johnson has plans to fix this country.  Not just in United States spending and the deficit.  Also in our Education system, Gun rights, Drug reform, etc, etc.

If you don’t know who Gary Johnson is, there is a reason. The people who control the debates are the same ones who want Obama or Romney to win the election. They don’t care who. These same people will get what they want either way. But they know that if Gary Johnson is allowed to debate with the other two, on National television, Americans will realize there is a third choice. A sensible choice. A choice of Liberty. Americans will have a view of the NONtransperancy because Gary Johnson will shed light on the wool covering your eyes. Once you see the covers, you can shed them yourself. Neither Obama nor Romney nor the people that are behind them want you to remove these blinders because you will not be a controlled, oppressed people anymore.

If you are young, vote Gary Johnson for your elderly and your parents so they will be protected from having little to live for as they grow old.

If you are older, vote Gary Johnson for your kids and all the other young so they will be protected and can grow old knowing that they will have something to live for.

Vote Gary Johnson so you will have something.

Including Liberty.




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