Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 10.28.17 AM I started reading a new book last night that really interests me. Not so much for the content, but for the opinion. ‘Why Does the World Exist?’

The first and main question is ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ makes you think.

There were many good replies and I have only got through the first few chapters. My favorite so far is ‘The life of the Universe, as are our lives, is a mere interlude between two nothings’.  Wow.

I could get totally enlightened, depressed or just be. I may not even make it through the whole book. But if we ask ourselves if everything happens for a reason, then why were 20 defenseless children killed in Connecticut? Why did James Holmes not just kill himself after the Aurora theater shooting?

Why has his trial been put off till March where he can(yes, true in incarceration-but still) live off of the taxpayers including relatives, friends, parents, kids of the people he senselessly killed. Whether he is insane or not, he is a killer. He does not need to be on this planet whether he goes to heaven or hell(if you believe in that whole concept).

OK, I’m back.

So why? Why are we all here? Why does the Universe even go through the bother to exist?

Maybe we were just created in a test tube and put to the side to be observed? Observed with just a bit of some chemical or element added that is actually making our planet go ‘bankrupt’ using the theory of money as a crutch for happiness. Making our planet devour ourselves in gluttony and greed with no respect or regard for others. This said chemical or element added only affected 1% to make them the proverbial 1% on this planet, this universe, today. The 1% who hoard and lie and steal and have representatives called governments and make this type of behavior accepted because of our own complacency (possibly from that same chemical/element)and this is just how it is…because it is. The 1% take and take not even comprehending that they cannot even use or enjoy all they hoard, making others suffer in the shadow of their rapacity.

Maybe there is another test tube right next to ours that is running much more efficiently with one society over the whole test tube ‘universe’ where everyone takes care of each other. That doesn’t forget about its elderly, doesn’t know what war even is because there is only one religion. Or none at all.

How do I get to that test tube?

Speaking of religion, how about all what I just stated prior but there is a God and God has created said universe(the first test tube I mentioned) and has already learned from His mistakes and has created a better Universe version but just left our Universe in the back dusty corner of whatever is bigger than a universe like an old forgotten toy he has outgrown.

Or maybe this God peers into this Universe just to see what messes we are in and/or how deep the proverbial Shit creek is. Maybe even throwing in his own anarchy just to see if our universe implodes in on itself or explodes to just…nothing.

Or maybe…just maybe…however and whatever has got us here will just one day decide the stupidity on this is just old and we will all be equal and troublefree and we have all just been ‘punk’d’ from this Universe, Day 1.

Here is to the faith in thinking just that.


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