Alyssa_bioI have always been a huge Alyssa Milano fan. I follow her on Twitter, enjoy her movies, and always thought she was the hottest witch on Charmed. She is a huge animal rights fan as well. I applaud her for her latest layout in Maxim mag and her new show “Mistresses“.  She is rocking it for 40yo and I am sure as well as she takes care of herself, others, and her selfless other projects, her good karma will continue to keep her ageless. At least in my eyes. You go, girl.

So since she is a huge animal rights advocate, I can also use that as an alike for animals.

I always get depressed and mad when watching those Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercials.  I didn’t even include a link to one of these sad PSAs because I don’t think you would click the link because you know exactly what commercials I am talking about. I mean, who is fucking heartless and mentally deranged enough to abuse an animal?

If I was a philanthropist, i.e. had $$, I would be helping every dog and cat I possibly could.

Humans tend to just piss me off.

Plus, animals are smart enough to live in harmony with the environment around them.

Anyways, I belong to a group on FB called “Life with Dogs”. Through a post on FB, I read this atrocity.

What. The. Fuck?!?

It is never good to hurt another creature-human or otherwise- on this planet, but I personally think that it is worse to abuse an animal. Or just throw it in the trash. What the hell was Shemika T. Robinson thinking? I hope that dog she threw away haunts her every day she serves in jail and every day after that.

Anyways. A little praise to Alyssa. A little PSA for animals. My work is done.

For now.

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