Untitled-1So you may have heard or not: The monopoly Iron piece is no more. It has been replaced with a cat. 78 years we had the iron…but why an iron? I was never a fan of the iron. I may have been a fan of a fan, but never an iron. A cat I can deal with, but obviously not to scale. They should have went with a lion or something…

Is it just me, or is Anthony Wiener way out of control? I do believe his actions are just a shout out for help. or maybe he will just fit right in to NYC government AND run it. Anyways what he has done and is doing seems to me to just be a clue to what he will be like in office. How can he care about NY city and the people if he is busy taking pics of his parts and texting said parts and fighting with people who don’t like him? If he fought with everyone who doesn’t like him, he will be in a lot of fights. He and his attitude are not what NYC needs IMHO, and I am hoping he just goes away quietly.

Saving the best for last, Ms. Sofia Vergara is now for the second time the highest paid female actress at $30M between June and June. She has worked hard to get where she is today, but I am sure she would have had to work a lot harder for that paycheck if she wasn’t so damned hot. You go, girl. Or I guess, really woman.

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