big_thumb_bd6dfc906c8efa2a20b6ef0528f93deeSo I found this PDF on the site called -you guessed it-F*ck Fear. The PDF itself is written in pretty broken english, but the author, known simply as MG, makes a disclaimer about the fact that he is not an English professor so I say that’s fair enough. I read on. It was unorthodox thinking but still pretty profound, his view of fear.

I wrestled around with a couple of other f-words to be in place of the un-PC word to keep with my alliteration theme of since forever, but nothing else fit because that word needed to be there. So I stuck with just using the asterisk. Read on and you will see what I mean.

Fear-an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

That is just a definition. A definition that is in any dictionary. But that definition just doesn’t sum up what that wicked word can do a human’s mind.

It can absolutely debilitate you. Crush you.  Turn you into a cowering pussy if you let it.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to. That’s your choice.

And the first step is to know that fear is not you. Any thought in your head is not you. You are not your emotions. I have stated that before. But fear being the most damaging emotion, you definitely have to understand that this fiend of a feeling needs to be finished.

I can tell you from experience that the first step in getting rid of an issue is realizing there is an issue. Once recognized, it can be conquered.

I had a few anxiety attacks about a dozen years ago. Once I realized what they were, they went away.

Which is the same thing to do with fear. You can’t run away from it. Then you are fearing your fear. That gets even more complicated.

Fear is imagination and fear is also remembrance. It has been said that at the end of the day that the root fear is fear of death. That every fear leads back to fear of death. But why be afraid of death? We are dying every second of every day with every breath. We can’t stop death. We don’t know how death is going to take us. So why be afraid of it? Death started when we were born.

But to back off the whole death thing and not be so macabre, fear is something in our head. There is nothing real about it. It is a thought. It is the thought of ‘may be’. It is an intangible thing that can be squashed just like it can squash you.

When you have a fear lurking, take a step back once you have remembered what I told you about the fact that it is NOT you and look at the fear. Why am I feeling this? Could what I am thinking of actually happen? Can I do anything about it?

If I can do something about it, then do just that. Then the fear is no more. Or shouldn’t be anyways.

If I can’t do anything about it, then why fear it? Don’t resist. That will make things worse. Go with it, then fix it.

Problem solved.

Yes, fear can help one to be alert. Because if you do have a fear then you know you are not alert.

How to stay away from fear? Live in the present. Always.

Remember that you are the Director of this movie called “Your Life”. Do you want fear to be a role in your movie?

I think not.


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