snoopy-joy You wanna know what one of my favorite things in the whole world is? Feedback loops.

Used properly, feedback loops are an awesome tool.  Actually, they are not even a tool….they just are.

They are still awesome.

Here is an example of a feedback loop: You wake up in the morning. You feel great. Your commute was stress free. On the way in to work(if you do the 9 to 5 thing), there is no line at Starbucks and you just walk up and your favorite barista already has your Venti bold ready for you…

You say to yourself “Hey! Things are awesome today! I am really having a good day. ”

You get to work and everybody is smiling at you. You get praise from your boss on your finished project. You finally get that hot guy/girl from the Mailroom to smile…

You are in the flow. Or the vortex. Or whatever you want to call it when things are just all about you. The Law of Attraction just keeps throwing awesome things at you, one after another. Why? Because you are awesome already. And you attract more awesome things because that is the way the Universe works.

I have these types of awesome feedback loop days all the time because #1 I know what they are, #2 so I expect them, and #3 I am awesome.

Feedback loops work like that proverbial snowball effect. They can get bigger and bigger. Which is great when they are a great feedback loop. But can actually be not so desirable  if you think about it. Feedback loops can go the negative way and make for a real shitty day, if you let them take charge of your day. But of course if they are going your way, you just want to go with it…and enjoy.

Feedback loops work  in any length of time, too. A Day, a week, a month, a year.

It’s all up to you. Just wake up every morning full of gratitude and love and start smiling.



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