lightsparadiseOne day you will look back and you will realize that every experience you ever had, every seeming mistake or blind alley, was actually a straight line to who you were meant to be.

Those are powerful words.

And I must say that I love statements like that.

You could say that it means fate.

I don’t think I believe that…but it could be.

I am not sure that I believe in fate. I believe that we design our own lives…but maybe what you do is exactly what is supposed to happen. How can you ever possibly prove or disprove fate?

What I will say is that I believe in faith.

Not faith in the religious sense, but in the spiritual sense. Faith, in its definition, is not actually a religious word. Its just belief. Complete confidence or trust.

You have to have faith that you will have an awesome life. You have to have faith that who you were meant to be is good and serving.  That you are a positive influence. That you make a difference.

Because you are supposed to.

There will be some work involved to make it so. But after all is said and done, it will make sense. It will be worth it. Any pain and suffering(however big or little you may think it is) will be part of the learning process and form you into who you become.

No pain, no gain, right?

But first have faith you are awesome and then be that awesome. Take care of yourself and the ones around you who will help you be that awesome.

Faith is like a lot of other things you deal with every day. Gravity and electricity are two good examples…you don’t know how they work but you know that they do and how to use them to your advantage. Faith is the same way.

Here is a good analogy and my favorite: you are driving through the night. You headlights only illuminate what is slightly in front of you . They don’t show you the whole way to your destination. You have faith.

You have faith that what you do will lead to bigger and better things and make you a bigger and better and more complete person.

It’s just that simple. Really.


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