sadhguru-growthSo one of the illustrious posts from this wonderful website has finally made it big time!! As of today, I am properly published at

So if you would like to read it again (as I am sure you already have once back on 9/26) you can refresh your memory of the discerned dialogue, at the above link.

I started back on 12/15 a meditation of yogi and mystic Sadhguru called Isha Kriya.  It is free and absolutely wonderful. Once you take a long look at the spiritual site and see all the excellent accolades, you may be slightly skeptical, but you must try. I am only a dozen days into this priceless program and already feeling much clearer.

The most profound thing about¬† the program is that I had asked for it. Not in like “Where is Isha Kriya?”, but “I need something to help me along with my new trends and life.”

And there it was…Isha Kriya. In my gmail inbox.

SOMEbody is listening to me.

A great mind I know says “There is no such thing as a coincidence”. I believe that more and more everyday.

That is all it takes, right? Belief?



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