There are so many things out there that kill us, why should we exacerbate the situation?

I am talking about microwave ovens. I am as guilty as the next guy or gal for wanting instant gratification, but microwaves don’t just heat up our food, they kill it. Any nutritional value of the food is gone.

Us humans, yeah. We are the bright ones. We have to destroy the land and the planet to create our homes and our happiness. Plus we humans are the only animals on the planet who destroy the nutritional value of their food before eating it.

If you did not know, the microwave was invented quite by accident in 1946 by a gentleman named Percy Spencer.

What is now happening is that the microwave’s popularity directly coincides with what is happening with humans all over the world. Not only does this machine make it easier to eat such obesity producing foods, but it also kills the food. We eat foods that have the calories but not the nutrition. We are essentially malnourished.

Now of course, I am being a bit dramatic here. We don’t always eat microwaved food. We don’t all eat microwaved food. But what if we did? What would our world be like if that is all we did was ate food bombarded with 2500Mhz radio waves all the time? I would hate to think. Well, let’s just be glad that we aren’t. But still when we do eat microwaved food, we are essentially murdering ourselves. Epidemic rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, kidney failure, liver disorders and much more are rampant in this great country.

No microwave ovens are not the ONLY culprit here. Lack of exercise doesn’t help.  I can’t stop you from using microwaves and I can’t make you take better care of yourself. All I can do is inform and educate. If I see rolling eyes, I will just assume you are a lost cause.

I encounter a lot of them. Lost causes, that is.

I am a human who wants to change things. Make this planet and ourselves better.  I do what I can. But like they say, you have to take care of yourself first and then maybe I will become a shining example for others.

So you can thrive and live or you can slowly murder yourself and die. When you do die, I just hope it is not a painful death. But ultimately that is up to you.

Sit back and count your poisons. How many of these do you have control over? Of those, how many do you want to alleviate? How many will you actually take action to alleviate.

Just asking. Or actually attempting to make you think…

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