DNA tayappention

To start with, our bodies are made of cells. A no-brainer, I know. Actually everything is made of cells. Inside of these human cells, redox signaling processes happen over and over again. These processes wouldn’t be able to happen without the redox signaling molecules that our bodies produce.

These redox signaling processes are what keep our body healthy and strong. Or what try to keep our bodies healthy and strong, anyways.

As we get older, our bodies don’t make as many of these redox signaling molecules anymore. Basically this is because of age and environmental pollutions and toxins.

I am not trying to make this a rant about what some of the humans are doing to us here on this planet, but suffice to say, there are some greedy people who are not concerned with the human race as much as lining their own pockets and fattening their own wallets.


Ever heard of glyphosates?  One premium and horrific sign that we, as humans, are not all on the same page as far as keeping fellow humans all healthy and safe.

I keep an open ear for other sorts of gradual genocide cases like this, but generally there are either stories published that debunk the original reports or unstable humans putting stories on the internet for their own gain of whatever reason they have to scare fellow humans.

It’s stupid, I know. But I am sure you agree a lot of us are pretty stupid. Some are downright destructively stupid. A lot of those have college degrees!!

But as far as food goes? The best thing you can do is  grow your own gardens and eat unprocessed foods and buy from reputable butchers.

Not really that easy or affordable in a lot of cases.

But back to my original subject. Redox signaling molecules.

As far as damage already done to your cells, there is only one thing to do.

Replace them redox signaling molecules in your body so they can repair you internally!!

Repair from outside influences or inside ones.

Do you have any idea how much damage stress causes to your body?


So how do you replace those RSMs(redox signaling molecules)?

There is only one way to do that. Asea.

Asea has been and will be the only source of RSMs you can take orally for your body.

Asea has been around for almost 10 years!! So why hasn’t Asea absolutely exploded in growth? Two reasons:

  • Non believers in the capability of the human race to create such a thing.
  • Industries as a whole that would die off with the progression and capabilities of Asea to help us heal ourselves…like we were designed to. So they do not support and sometimes write untruths to debunk Asea.

Think of it like this: your body deals with changes every day.

Changes in their body, changes in environment, changes everywhere.

Change is constant. It has to happen to evolve to a better anything and everything.

So if you are not taking something to help your body cope and be victorious over the change, what type of future will you have? Not a very bright one…

Sure, you can take vitamins and supplements, but these are not going to help you to the very core, to the very building blocks of your being, like replacing those lost RSMs.

You could even call Asea a health hack!!


There is going to be non believers. There are always will be. But humans are making advances every day, though, so keeping an open mind to what humans are capable of is just smart.

We already can fly, put humans on the moon, have cured countless diseases, we discovered penicillin, invented air conditioning, so on and so forth. We are awesome!!

Plus, on the negative side, humans figured out a way to sell the notion that chemotherapy is the only way to heal from cancer.

That is not so awesome.

Chemotherapy is just one example of our fellow humans profiting from our pains and diseases. There are many many more examples of this.


To NOT believe that humans can invent RSMs outside of the body is just ludicrous and are totally underestimating humans as a race!!

Being open minded enough to realize that change is inevitable and that you can be advantageous of these changes and innovations makes you truly rebellious.

I enjoy being a rebel. I enjoy being as healthy as possible despite the conditions surrounding me and pressures put upon me.

I enjoy not being like the other humans who don’t believe in the possibilities of our race to create something to help us let us heal ourselves like Asea can.

I enjoy being able to evolve to be the best I can be as a human. Asea does that.

Consider Asea to be a process of natural selection.

Yes, I said it.

Having the knowledge of and not taking the awesome supplement Asea would be you not wanting to be the best human you could be. Or you are lazy. Or both.

So what else am I supposed to think? Natural selection of me over you…

Watch this video:

This is real. This is humans rising above non belief and finding a way to thrive. This is the future. And above all, this is opportunity. Opportunity to live longer and healthier lives with the help of science.

So the choice is yours. The sooner you start, the sooner you can become a better human.

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