UniverseA few months ago, I ran into the subject of ether. It was quite by accident, but has been on my mind since.

Actually, ether is everywhere. Not just on my mind.

When I read of it and after other bits of research I found, they describe one of the definitions of ether of being the spiritual substance that ties the Universe together. The spiritual glue, if you will.

Ether has also been called akash as stated in this post that describes the writings and work of Dr. Ervin Laszlo who is an advocate of the theory of quantum consciousness. The post also describes ether in much more detail.

It should be noted that Dr. Laszlo is no quack. He is a former Professor of Philosophy who holds the highest degree of the State Doctorate, is the recipient of four Honorary PhDs and was nominated for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize. He also wrote a book called:

This book has been added to my reading list but will not be near the bottom. I am sure I will be throwing my blather on the subject out to anyone who will read it again soon.

So then there is this…consciousness

I also have read some of the latest findings about scientists possibly finding the ‘home’ of consciousness in your head. It’s called therostral dorsolateral pontine tegmentum and after doctors had examined patients with lesions from accidents and the like, a large majority of patients who were comatose had damage to that area of the brain.
Okay, we can accept that as a theory, if not fact. I mean the consciousness had to be located somewhere in our bodies, didn’t it? How else were we to operate as humans?
Enter a professor and cosmologist from MIT named Max Tegmark. He postulates that consciousness is a state of matter called perceptronium but that can be differentiated from other types of matter (liquid, solid, gas) on a quantum mechanics and information theory standpoint.  The new form of matter called perceptronium would essentially then be what makes up the therostral dorsolateral pontine tegmentum.  You can see from the link provided on the new word (at least to my vocabulary) that there is not much background on this theory, but is still grounds for a place to start for me.

Moving on…energy

It has been said many times by many scientists and the like in many different mediums for a long time that everything is energy. Down to its most basic form, all is energy. Everything that is around us and everything we are is energy. So the part of you I am currently referring to (the therostral dorsolateral pontine tegmentum, or perceptonium) is also energy.
So we must say that although all is energy, everything being different must be created into a different form of the energy. The buildings we work in, the houses we live in, the cars we drive, the fuel that powers them…all different forms of energy. The bodies we use in this lifetime is also another type of said energy.
But the bodies of energy we live in/use as a body or vessel is a much purer form of energy, yes? So are the trees we can breathe its life giving oxygen from,etc,etc.
It is not manipulated by humans.
How was this energy assembled into what we are today, let alone the energy that forms the flora and fauna around us?
Do you ever think about that?
And what if the ether I wrote of earlier is this energy?God
There is a power-an energy-that created all of us and continues that process and allows us to manipulate the other energies to our hearts’ content.
To break it down further, there is also forms of energy that have different duties. Energy for our flesh, our muscles, our glands, our organs. Energies for what we, as our consciousnesses, create.
There is also an energy for our consciousness. An energy AS our consciousness. The greatest, purest and most intelligent energy of all. Maybe this is the most intelligent ether of this place.
You could call it perceptonium, but you could also see it and call it as a divine thing represented by whatever your upbringing describes, as far as religious backgrounds or lack thereof. But it is divine. The energy is created by or part of some type of God. The God. As we cannot say that we were and are created by accident…
The Bible says in Genesis 1:27, that ‘God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.’
So God is also this energy. All energy and THE energy. The energy of everything.
But how do we differ from Him? That is where our consciousness comes in. It is also where our spirituality and/or religion steps in. How do we differ?free will
He gave us free will.
With free will, we can decide what we want, how we want and do what we want. It’s our choice.
But He loves us so much-all of us-that he gave us the choice to follow Him if we choose instead of doing his bidding.
I personally think that is pretty cool of Him not to FORCE us to follow him. That brings out another side in us and keeps life good. Because to have good, you must have the opposite side. Bad.

Enter Jesus Christ

God not only loved us so much to give us free will, but delivered to us Jesus Christ, his son. The ‘flesh’ of God himself. Jesus not only taught the word of his Father, but died for all of us. He died to excuse us all of our sins. To give us all a way to live a life of meaning and purpose.
To accept this truth into our lives of Jesus Christ is to allow.
I mentioned here on this site the significance of the Bible and Paul in Romans 8 in reference to our current state of technology and discovery. It was said in the Bible to become of spirit and not flesh, we will be closer to our true selves.

So what happened?

Being of flesh and not of spirit means being mired in the beliefs of the mind and flesh. The ideas and faces we portray as humans and as of flesh hold us back from the true meaning of being the spirit we must become to be our ultimate selves.children
We start off as those spirits. Free and innocent. As we all know, our years go by as humans and we most likely get tainted by ideas and aberrations that bury our true selves-our spirit-in flesh. We must dig through and out of that.
To do that, we become self aware. We follow and learn from sites like optimize-your-life.net to become better humans which means we are getting closer to becoming our spiritual beings.
To be closer to our true selves and spirits means a stronger flow of the ether of the Universe which is Jesus Christ, the son of our God.
Ether was and is the essence of Jesus Christ. In other words, the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit was and is the ether, the energy, that we all can use all day, every day to live consciously and of spirit because we are also a part of this Universe.universe
Free yourself from the flesh and be your spirit.
That is how to become eternal…

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