DominoI watched the movie “Deadpool 2” over the weekend and I was very impressed. I was especially impressed by the character Domino. Let me tell you why:

This charismaticly lucky superstar and superhero ensures luck is always in her favor. And who wouldn’t want that?  She is the epitome of what everyone wants in life: incessant good luck.

Most humans are tragically dealing with just the opposite-bad luck Why? Because that is what they think about. The worst case scenario of all that COULD happen.  The thing is when humans think bad stuff, bad stuff happens.

Dare I say it? That IS the Law of Attraction.

Without getting too quantum physic-y, like attracts like. And with everything being energy-even your thoughts starting off as energy, you can indeed attract good things to you by constantly and consistently think positive.

Domino, though, has taken this law to a whole new level and adopted the mindset and feelings that only good things will happen to her to the point that she can be a superhero. Constantly and consistently unscathed by any bad doing around her-even if she is the cause of said bad happenings. After all, it is all about fighting crime.

So how did she do it? She made a decision. She made THE decision that she will be wholly untouched by any negative consequences affecting her directly.

Sure, Deadpool is a movie and, sure, Domino is a brought to life comic book character but you know what? The truth is there: She made the decision that consciously creates her life. Just like we do.

We make decisions every day that creates our lives. Although you may think that “Aww, that is the movies. All that doesn’t really happen”, we do make things happen.

With a decision.

Okay, it wasn’t just one decision, but a myriad and history of decisions that has gained momentum over the years you have spent as a human to give you the life you live today.

You see, you constantly look at “what is” and make decisions off of what you see. If you try to make you decisions off of “what could be”, then you are creating your life with the possibilities of what could be. If you work with that momentum, your life will tremendously change for the better.

In my years learning about how God works, this is what I have learned and learned from. You get what you think about.

Deadpool says in the movie “Use all of your imaginary powers to stop Cable from killing that kid!”.

If the powers were imaginary, they wouldn’t quite work, would they?

But she decided they would. She thought about how she would save that kid. She thought about good, positive, criminal fighting and decided that is what her life would be and be about. And that is what happened. Once she got her thoughts in that order, her feelings matched. Once her feelings matched, God gave her what she felt. What she decided.

My life is the same. I am every day thinking and feeling good, positive things to align my self with the good things that I want to come to me. Then I am thankful for those feelings.

It’s that easy. Get a momentum going, be thankful and then thrive.

Domino did it. I did it. So can all of you.

Being a superhero is optional, but is possible.

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