I have discovered something. With fascination.


When you see your life in a mindset of fascination, a whole new world opens up for you.

A world of naive vision that is unadulterated by any other beliefs, if you have the power to do so.

Actually the word ‘fascination’ just means extremely interesting. To me, it means more.

Can you be fascinated by something? Anything? Can you see something through ‘new eyes‘ and feel its power to take your mind to a place of freedom? A place of wonder?

Can you take yourself away from life’s predetermined vision of life and see its beauty?

I dare you.

I dare you to look beyond what society has made you believe in the past and now. To a place of no good or bad, no right or wrong, no black or white and just experience what God really wanted us, as His children, to be in contact with. Your real consciousness, pure and clean, wants that for you, as God does. Your consciousness wants you to see the world and your life from your spirit and soul. Your spirit and soul stripped of flesh.


Its funny to think that the flesh that God speaks of in the Bible is actually the thought you may automatically think that taints your everyday actions. The thoughts conditioned to engulf your life.

This thought is not real. It is not truly flesh as you think. But it is more the flesh than your spirit is.

A young child is void of this said flesh. The young child knows not the right and wrong you have been taught to think. But as naive as the mind of a young child is, it does not know better to not absorb the false knowledge it has been fed.

With the right upbringing in a controlled environment, the young child can enjoy and understand and be fascinated by the joys of life as we are meant to experience them, but alas, God has not let that happen in entirety.

My theory is that God wants us to take on these beliefs and then shed them.


Very good question. A question that I believe has many answers depending on your already set beliefs and religion and opinions.

I still say to this day that opinions are like resumes and like buttholes. Everybody has got one.

Everybody also has to have their own way of shedding these beliefs.

My theory? Fascination.

So try working on seeing all through a set of fresh eyes. Try forgiving all for their errors and aberrations towards you. Try seeing the good in all. Because that is what will help you shed those nasty incorrect beliefs.

With that, you can begin to enjoy that freedom you yearn for.

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