So Easy…

I just finished enjoying The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He is absolutely amazing, this man.

He speaks as presence as being the true Holy Grail. I believe him. The cover professes that this book is a guide to spiritual enlightenment. I am already also believing that.

I wanted to talk about one of the topics that rang true with me: the concept of making time.

When someone is under stress from a situation, their mind tends to ‘dream’ about outcomes of that situation. The way the brain works, that outcome the mind is dreaming of is not a good one, generally. This would be ‘making time’. Your brain is exercising its usual scenario of worry. This is what the brain does.

If you do not have the issue of the worrying mind consistently predicting bad outcomes or telling you are not good enough, I applaud you. Please share your ‘powers’ with other humans.

What I am telling you here is that this doesn’t have to be. This is your brain doing its thing, but your brain is not you. And how do you know that? Because while your brain is making up these bad scenarios, who is watching them?

That is the true you-the one watching. There is the observer and the observed. YOU are the observer.

Your mind is very clever. It knows how to get your attention. It wants to keep your attention so that you live unconsciously always. So that it-your brain-is always in charge. To protect you.

But the truth is that you-the holy spirit that you are inside the meat suit you are wearing-is who should be in charge. That is what God wanted.

So how may you accomplish this? Practice being in the present moment. Focus on your breath. Don’t let your unconscious brain control you. Because it will try.

You deserve to live a life that is ruled by you. And you can make that come true.

Then you will stop making time…

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