I generally struggle to come up with good post subjects as I also strive to find that ‘niche’ I can fill. There is a niche out there that is calling my name. I can feel it. A calling that can assist .

I like to help people.  I make a pretty good living doing that now.  But I am steadily contemplating how to take what I can do the next level for a financial gain.

Because as I said: I make a pretty good living at helping people.

The challenge is that there are a very large number of websites that help people. Life hack sites, personal empowerment sites, psychology feel good sites…the list goes on and on. Not a ‘niche’ I am particularly fond of trying to break into.

But one of my main interests is me. My brain. Your brain. How to make OUR brain work better. You can read more and experience more to make for a smarter brain. That is the physical aspect of making our brain better. More intelligent.  But to find the right words to read and/or the right event to be exposed to…that could cause a chemical/spiritual/metaphysical effect in your brain to make you a better you. That is what I am after.

When I joined BlogCatalog, I had ideas of interaction with other ‘great’ minds of blogging and anything else to help me flourish.

I think that is the word I would like to use: flourish.

While at Blog Catalog, Ben Ralston has been my topic of interest. I have read his posts and have not responded to one of his posts till today. And the post was not even a brand new one but one of  May’s subject of  What is Ego?. I am not sure if I can totally and correctly summarize what he has to say about ego, but what I did learn this from the post is this:

Your ego is nothing but what you think you are.  You should just be.  Because when you stop being, you start thinking. That is when the ego shows up.  The Ego is basically the neocortex in your head. It constantly compares and that is all it does. The problem is that when it tries to compare what is going on in the present, it can’t. There is no opposite for the present. There is simply past, present, future.

This resonated with me pretty heavily. If your ego cannot deal with present, it should not be. You should just be.

You see, I used to think. A lot. Generally negative.  Well of course, by the Law of Attraction that thinking would bring on negative events. I have moved on leaps and bounds to alleviate that thinking, but still know I have a lot of work.

So my studies for my optimization will continue and will include Ben, I believe. That’s because I felt a little bit of that chemical/spiritual/metaphysical effect in my brain while reading his post. I don’t feel that I have a lot of ego to worry about, but having this understanding of what the ego is will help one to alleviate the ego even more.

2 thoughts on “My (and your)ego

  1. Hi,
    I just got in from a looong trip, and was deeply flattered to find your message, and this post.
    Thank you, and I look forward to checking out your blog.
    All the best,

    ps – good summary!

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