tayappention globeOne of the things I enjoy doing EVERY day is seeing how many hits I had on this illustrious site on the prior day. How lucky did I get?  Obviously, looking at conscious content and what I wrote about last post is a driving force, what time of day I post, even the weather on the day I post are all factors. Grabbing interest of my fans and posting when I think it is time to be websurfing or facebooking are important.  Or so I thought. Read on…

Another fascination-and learning experience-is discovering where the hits are coming from. You can go here thanks to Feedjit and see where on this pirouetting planet people are visiting my site from. So time of day is not a factor because it is always 5 o’clock somewhere. Or 6 o’clock. Or 7 o’clock.

It’s like a friggin geography lesson. I have a new friend in Slovenia who has a site about Grounded Spirituality and I had never even HEARD of Slovenia. Looks like it may be a nice place to visit. Or at least have a glass of wine while enjoying the view.  You should visit his site from time to time-I have learned from Ben.  My last post on Our Egos came from his intelligent influence.

Other places I have never heard of? Arequipa, Rousse, Ruse, Luc-sur-mer, Basse-Normandie are just a few new global locations in the past 5 days of tayappention valued visits. I would never have thought blogging would end up being such an experience in erudition.

So what have I learned?  Times of days and weather is NOT a factor to get hits on my site because I am world-wide baby!!! Times are not important because time zones are ubiquitous!!!

Now to be able to say this is lavishly lucrative…

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