Although I had thought I had done an article on this illustrious site about procrastination, but actually only one about proactivity .  Similar but not the same. Procrastination, by definition, refers to the counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time, according to Wikipedia.

Apparently that’s what I did. Thought about writing a post about it, but put it off. Just like me.

Yeah, that is something I  really need to work on is my procrastination. It could actually hurt me in a lot of  ways when I don’t do something or put it off till-well-maybe this weekend.

I ran across an article about this very subject here and I thought while reading the article that I could really identify with the points made.

First point I definitely do:  Not getting into your task right away. You want to get warmed up first by doing other things that have nothing to do with your task then you get sidetracked into something else entirely. Yeah. I do that.

Second point, the article calls them frogs from an example in another article, is the longer you put a task off, the bigger and uglier that task becomes. Makes sense to me. I just call it letting it fester, but if you want to assign an amphibian to the inanimate idea, OK. The point is that in your own mind the task will be less and less desirable. Point taken.

Point three is to break large projects into smaller more manageable tasks. That pretty much sums it up. And I feel like I do that pretty well.

Fourth point: Know yourself. Know what tempts you to stray into procrastination. Mmm, yeah. That could be a prob with me. I know what tempts me, but I still have a track record of winning(or losing, I guess) anyways.

Just reading this article has awakened my anti procrastination side(again) and hopefully I can get home to where I do those tasks before I lose the mindset I have picked up(again).

I have two projects I have been working on that I would like to get finished. One is just learning some new adobe software which would lead to another task of implementing the software and designing for this site. The other is to put into a word processor a piece of fiction I have written a number of years ago to get it in front of an editor and get it published or a movie deal. I have several stories to do this with.

Well, with the recognition of my tasks and realization that these tasks won’t do themselves, I will battle on with my bad self and get the work done.

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