Well, I want to congratulate everyone within eyeshot of this blog. As of August 19th and according to Americans for Tax Reform, you are now working for yourself!!!

That is the national average, actually. You can go here and see where your state falls into the equation. Sorry, Connecticut.

But the good news is that this is good. Compared to Next year. Because come 2011, it gets worse. Reading here, things will get a bit more interesting as far as your bottom line.

You all know I am an optimist with a hint of realism just for proactivity’s sake.

So let us try to look at the good side.

What? There is a good side?

Sure! The world is going to end in December 2012, anyways, right?

But really. Do you think the world is gonna end? Tough question.

Hard to look forward with this world ending rumor staring you in the face. You may not believe it is gonna happen, but the rumor still nags at you.  But I think it’s even tougher to live not knowing what your quality of life will be come December 2012.

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