I have made some new friends who have asked me to write a review for a new book that was written called 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More. After reading the first couple of pages of this useful life manual, I have realized that this book is a plethora of knowledge for refinement of your everyday activities, time saving skills and optimization.

With proper allegiance to his ideas, you can be a superman (or woman) of focus and organization.

I chuckled at the warning the book gave that agreed with something that I was always afraid of.  You will end up doing more work because you finish yours and then you appear to be doing nothing by your boss and next thing you know, you get more work to do. You are now getting paid less at work because you are doing more work than your fellow workers. You have to be careful.

I have more faith in karma, actually. Your focus for good work and positive attitude towards your job will pay off over the associates around you.  You just watch.

I am sure that some of my past posts will be supported by Stever and his new book. And vice versa. For instance, my thoughts on procrastination.

So go out and get this book and get better in all that you do.

Maybe you will learn something.

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