Our illustrious Commander In Chief has done something I am really proud of him for: pocket vetoing the Foreclosure Bill that would make it easier for banks to actually mass produce foreclosure documents and automate this kicking-fellow-americans-out-on-their-ass process.  The legislation would also make it difficult for homeowners to challenge foreclosure documents because the documents could be prepared in other states.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday that Obama is sending a newly passed bill back to Congress to be fixed because the current version has “unintended consequences on consumer protections.”

So a few questions/observations:

  • Congress already passed this? What does this show as far as who the Congress works for? Not the American people. Not the ones who elected them.
  • So the answer for Banks is to automate the process and most likely put more people out of work?
  • Why didn’t anyone hear/know about this as far as Americans? I didn’t hear anything about it. I am sure that if we did, we would have called our Congressperson and told them how we feel about it.

It seems to me that although we are talking big business here, there is still somebody writing the code or filling out the paperwork for these foreclosures. Lots of people (obviously) considering the amount of foreclosures in the past year. Americans-afraid to lose their job, too-have¬† done this to other Americans. Writing the code or filling out the documents thinking “Well, as long as it’s not me and my family” is how the whole scenario plays out in my head.

That’s the problem.

Well, I would like to applaud CIC Obama for finding the error in Congress’s ways before this foreclosure thing got worse. If it could.

So, in reference to prior posts 0n this illustrious site (I know I use that word a lot. It’s my favorite, I think) where I mention what the flying fuck to do about it, read this for some ideas.

President Obama says you are welcome. If you didn’t say thank you for all your other Americans who will benefit from his pocket veto, then you need to step up your patriotism and step down your selfishness.

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