Most sundays after AFV, I settle down to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It is a show that to me epitomizes what Americans should be doing for each other every day. I generally do not like reality television in any bent and rarely watch the whole show. Just  a few minutes of the beginning to see the family picked out by the show’s producers and the end to see Ty and the crew’s finished product.  Once in a while, I get a bit misty eyed as I enjoy watching the family running through their new home and thanking their Lord for what they have received.

There are few words that always come to mind while I marvel in the true sense of giving this show exhudes. The first word is definitely compassion.  What these designers do to help the present family, the number of people at the homesite donating their time and money and resources simply awes me.

Teamwork is the next word. So many volunteers are involved in helping one family get their lives back in order that I wonder how we can get that generous attitude to spill over onto the rest of the country. Could it really be that hard if  Extreme Makeover can do it every week?

The third? Charity. I am sure the dollar number changes from project to project but materials, gas, etc, etc. These all cost money. And then the other parts of whatever that the family receives from some major food store chain or grant money  for college educations  or something. That is generally when I get a bit flustered. Charity given just for the reason that somebody recognized that it was needed.

You see tears in the eyes. You see smiles in the faces.

We need more of that. A LOT more.

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