Trailers!! That’s right. You asked for them(At least I think you did) so I brought them back!!

OK actually, I wanted to put them back up. But I figured that since I liked them so much, I would share.

Damn, I am a nice guy. Just ask me.

So click here or just hit taya trailers to your eyes’ left here and you can enjoy too.

I am not sure if they are good movies or not, but I want to see them. And there prob won’t be any reviews when they do come out because #1, what I like isn’t generally what everyone else likes, #2 I prob won’t get a chance to get to the theatre to see it anyway, #3 nor do I have the $$ generally to go to them, #4 popcorn gives me gas.

The sites that I am linked to generally have a lot of new movies that you prob haven’t even heard of. I know they were new to me and I try to keep up with movies stuff.

So the taya trailer page is good to bookmark because now that I have started it, I can keep up easily. Plus will do my best to keep updated with new and get rid of the ones that have started in the theatre.

And of course, you are welcome.

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