I drank some Pellegrino water the other day. I liked it. This made me wonder about what the benefits of mineral water. There are many sites that list many benefits of mineral water. Here is one. Consequently, I was thinking that mineral water would be a problem if you were susceptible to kidney stones. I am wrong. Actually it is the opposite. So drink mineral water.

Speaking of beverages, I am on my last days before my homebrew is ready to be served. Either it will be totally delicious or mosquitos would not even lay eggs on it. Hopefully results will be the former.

I have been drinking this coffee with the magic mushroom in it for about a week now. Either results are psychosomatic, or I am genuinely feeling better. I wish there was an at home cholesterol tester without having to go to the doctor every 6 months…oh wait, there is. Probably not too accurate, though.

I was doing a cost analysis on my Starbuck’s coffee habit (I am sure they think I am dead) and my new more healthy coffee habit, and I am indeed saving money. Of course the more coffee you buy the better the cost. But even with one pkg with shipping and handling, I am saving money.

There is talk amongst the U.S. Government Accountability Office and the US Treasury about switching to $1 coins exclusively. “The GAO estimates that phasing out dollar bills in favor of coins would require a four-year transition period, during which the government invests in the new currency, but following that, the government would save an expected $522 million each year from the change.”  As an American who thinks there is a lot of trimming that can be done to help get rid of our deficit, I am all for it.

Since the crisis in Japan has hit the world news, Haiti has been ‘one-uped'(actually ‘two-uped’ now) and Charlie Sheen is old news. Is he upset about that? Not sure, but I would that his mindset is that he is still in ‘ winning(DUH!)’ attitude. This video clearly shows that he is the “Winner”.

Need an internet dog?  Well, here you go

Never saw the movie 127 Hours. Never thought it would be as good as the original one…with Wile E. Coyote.






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