If you have not seen the documentary called Hot Coffee that is on HBO right now, this is a must see. It involves torts, tort reform, and how big business spins the media. This documentary will illuminate the immoral things that happen to American citizens every day because we don’t know about it to stop it. I am here to inform you.

Speaking of informing, I read an article about North Dakota yesterday. About how their Unemployment rate is only 3.2%. “The state jobs office has 15,205 listings, up 64 percent from May 2010. North Dakota, which is one of the smallest states by population (about 670,000) and one of the largest geographically, has .7 unemployed persons for every job opening.”  Although it’s not JUST about oil, the oil industry is a major contributor. Need a job? Get your happy ass to North Dakota. And bring your parka.

I also viewed a report about Wind Farms and have so decided that I am all about coal now. Coal lobbyists have discovered that wind turbines can actually blow the Earth off its orbit into the Sun!! Why the heck would we have anything to do with wind? We don’t know what wind is or what it comes from!! Support coal. You will after you watch this report


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