I am all about saving the ta-tas. Plus I am all about not hurting them in any way, shape or form. I have heard many women speaking of the pain and discomfort from current traditional breast exam techniques once you get to the doctor’s office. Not including the radiation my favorite female part is subjected to.  Well, fret no more!!! Introducing MARIA!!! MARIA actually uses anti-landmine technology and involves no paddles to grimace your girls!!! And no risky radiation!!!

Jolly good news!!!

OK, now the bad news:  More money is spent by 30 US corporations lobbying the US Congress than they pay in taxes.

I know, right? WTF?!?

You gotta read this article I ran across and SAY SOMETHING!!! Another one of the numerous wedges that is driving apart the Upper and middle class. Plus money that the government needs to run programs for the good of the rest of the country suffer greatly because of the tax shelters that these corporations enjoy. And enjoy enormously–to the tune of Billions of dollars!!!

I find this music video strangely alluring

I am not sure, but this feline seems to be troubled.






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