Welcome to Tayappention 2012!!! Where we (I mean I) strive to entertain, educate and/or excruciate.

As far as educate, let’s start with some stress busters. Hopefully one did not start the year with stress already, but here are 10 ways to help reduce it. Some of them I do, some I don’t. I should be able to get better at them.

As far as entertainment, how about some web pics that just don’t make any damn sense. Lobster in arms, grieving bananas…it’s here for your entertainment!!! Some of these do make sense to me, but then…some people aren’t me.

Finally, the expediently excruciating: To start off, I am a bit of a movie buff. I would probably have ended up a movie critic(paid, I mean) if movies weren’t so damned expensive to see in the theaters. Then I could watch them when they first come out. But alas, a lot of movies I watch aren’t even in the theaters. And I will add that a movie has got to be pretty damned bad for me to turn it off. I try to see the good/originality in every movie I watch. With that being said, some of them are pretty damned disturbing. Or just has lots of gratuitous female flesh. Or a little. Or both. One time, I watched a pretty sorry movie called Fire-something that supposedly had some nude Sandra Bullock in it-I ended up pretty disappointed. So if the past monologue was not excruciating enough, here is a link to 15 of the most disturbing movies ever made. Some I have seen, some I haven’t. Some I just haven’t found yet.

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