I would like to thank each and everyone personally if you signed the petition to stop SOPA and PIPA. The effort that we as people and Americans put into this to make our voice heard is just an example of what we can do if we just step up and do it. And we did it!!

A couple of points to be made here. Number one, we did it. So we know we can do it. If there is something you don’t like in the government, find like-minded people and help do something about. Or start your own revolution. But it can be done because we proved it. Second, now we have to watch to make sure that the SOPA isn’t privately passed while noone is paying attention.  I personally have set up a email alert so that any thime SOPA shows up in the news, I can read about it. And take action again if I need to.

So if the Super bowl is anything like the playoffs, I will not really care to watch it. Plus it’s just a rematch for 2006, anyways. –> Yawn!!!<— I will be more into the commercials and maybe Madonna if she puts on a good show. I think that The Who rocked last year!!! Was that last year? I think it was.

Finally. Synthetic meat. Frankenfood. Lab grown protein. WTF!!! Is this really necessary? I guess it would help feed the starving in Africa and such countries (since they won’t be dying of Malaria) which would create jobs so they could make their own food. Because I would much have a real cow or chicken or lamb or whatever.

Not too much support for Ron Paul in South Carolina. Shame. He finished last.

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