It seems that the American people have spoken up about something we are very passionate about and won. The SOPA Bill , although it sounds like a good thing would most definitely not be. Here is why.  According to this article on Ars Technica,due to the public outcry(that’s us!!), Congress has expressed that maybe SOPA is not a good idea after all. Hell, we told them that. We just needed enough Americans to tell them that. Tax paying Americans.

The support for the SOPA bill dissolution needs to be as passionate for other things—like, maybe where this country is going as far as the Big American Picture.

Again, Ron Paul is the man we need to put into the White House to attack our problems(the ones that Americans did not cause. Like our debt, for instance) from other angles because the the existing powers are just exacerbating the problem. So show him some support. For a change in America. Plus watch this video below for some interesting info on just how damn smart he is.

So do you want to be a smart as Ron Paul is? Try some of these little hints to further your brain power. Some of these hints actually require you to do less than you normally do to make your brain more powerful.

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