I will admit that Danica Patrick is pretty hot. She is an awesome driver and I hope the best for her in the Daytona 500 today. But I am thinking that maybe she is not a favorite among racers. Why do I say that? Because her own damn teammate bumped her. Plus this was her second wreck in as many days!!! The first wreck was quite the hard one as well.She is a tough cookie, but because of these two ‘accidents’ she is way back in the pack. She has got a lot of passing to do. Other cars, that is. But if other types of passing speeds her up, then you go girl!!!

So if you are looking for cheap gas prices, apparently the midwest cities such as Denver is the place to go.  Why? Read this. Interesting stuff.

So dieting is just not cutting it with a lot of people. And just what is dieting? Having the willpower and memory to not eat what you like to eat and remember to take that diet pill? Not for me. I think it is a good part of controlling metabolism. Of course, eating less and exercising more helps, too. So here are twenty ways to speed up that metabolism.  Especially if you think you are going to have a snowballs’ chance in hell with Danica.

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