I am going to start with an awesome graphic on how much better being with a credit union is over a conventional bank. CreditScore.net put it together and although I could expand on the facts, I don’t have to. I will say, though, that I have been with Charlotte Metro Credit Union for years now and I could not be happier. It is my belief that if enough people wake the f&*% up and take their money out of the big banks, we could get back some control over this country-nay-world!!!!
Big bank and Credit Union Fees Infographic

So you think that drinking Diet sodas helps you lose weight. WRONG. As a matter of fact, you could not be any more wrong. Because not only does it NOT help lose weight, diet sodas is bad for your kidneys, your heart, your teeth, your DNA, even your junk(male AND female junk).

I don’t drink sodas(unless transformed into a libation) and even then the soda is generally ginger ale. But diet sodas? Absolute taboo!!!! Less useful than tits on a duck . I am not sure how Americans got duped into this whole diet soda craze, but it needs to stop. Especially the children!!!! I cringe every time I see anyone under the age of 30 drinking a diet soda!!!

I know I threw a lot at you on this post, but it is all important. Get out of your bank and put your money into a credit union. And if you HAVE to drink soda, don’t drink diet soda. I gave you the facts. Use ’em.

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