I have in the past complained about my/our choices for our new President. It’s no secret, I don’t want either one of them. Neither will do what I want and expect to see in this country. What this country should be about. What this country should be doing, domestically and internationally. And what this country should be worth. But what I did not think about is that I did not follow the valuable advice of not presenting a problem without a strong solution.

My solution is Gary Johnson, Libertarian.

People tell me he doesn’t have a chance. I disagree. Gary Johnson has the most sound future plans on our most important issues in this election this country has seen and thinks as another great man, Ron Paul. He has more than a chance if you listen to him and his vision and follow it.

People tell me voting for him would be throwing away your vote. Pick a side, they say. Democratic or Republican is it.


These same people that tell me to pick a side are so naive in their thinking and that we CAN’T do anything about our economy, our healthcare, our drug wars, our wars, etc and are helping to destroy their own lives by not realizing that we DO have a choice in our fate.

These dependent thinkers are the reason our country is not great. They claim free will. They claim freedom while being captive by rules that govern us unfairly. They are the sheeple.

Now is the time to stand up and do something about it. Watching the video above proves not only that Gary Johnson knows that there are too many of us with the idea that two parties is the norm that he offers us a solution without strong arming us into it. He simply states “Be Libertarian with us for one election.” And I am stating you won’t be sorry.

Be new. Be different. Be libertarian…don’t be a sheeple.

I was reading an article this morning on 7 Foods You Should Never Eat.  The food that interested me the most was the microwave popcorn. I remember growing up using the good old sauce pot to make popcorn. Good times. Turns out that this is still the best AND cheapest way to enjoy this tasty movie snack. But because of our fast moving, convenience driven society, we need to ‘nuke’ our popcorn. I actually made popcorn the ‘old fashoined way a few months back and my son didn’t even realize that popcorn could be made without a microwave at home.  Sad….We can’t wait the extra five minutes and use a little elbow grease and end up poisoning our bodies with chemicals we can’t even pronounce. So pause the movie and make your popcorn properly…enjoy life.

And lastly, I did some surfing the other day and ran into this french artists’ work and had to share. Enjoy. This guy is AWESOME!!


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