It’s about a month and a half till the big day. When you will once again help decide who is going to get this country to a better place. A better place financially, economically, in terms of healthcare, and unemployment-wise(just to name a few).

I am not one who usually talks politics. Sure I can read up more and TRY to learn about what is going on but when I do I just get pissed off. I can’t fix it myself. I need to get someone in the White House who can do it for me. Somebody who is looking out for me.

Now let me ask you this: Have Democrats fixed the problem? I don’t see it. I see the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, kids going with out food and education…

And I do not see any hope with the Republicans, either. Hell, that is even more scary to me.

So why do the same thing again, voting for one of them? Leading us down the same road with the sadly escalating domestic and international conditions… I have learned. I have woke up and have realized just unhappy I am.

Enter Gary Johnson. The change and relief we have been looking and waiting for.

You want the same old crap from your government? Vote the same way you have been voting. But it will be 4 more years before you can vote again. Let’s get this country on the road of healing. For your kids, for your community…for your life.

I don’t want to live another 4 years under the same old crap government we have endured for the past umpteen years. I wanna live free. Because that is the only way we should be living.

VoteĀ  me in a Libertarian for the White house and for our United States of America. Vote Gary Johnson.

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