faint13Three things I see are a problem right now

Asteroids-they are coming towards Earth as we speak!! You can’t run anywhere to hide from them as they will take the planet over globally, knocking the Earth off its axis and sending into a global genocide. No sign of guilt, no feeling of bad!!!

On second thought, why worry?! Can’t do a damn thing about.  Have an Asteroid Party!!

Aliens-there are over running this country, taking our jobs and not paying taxes!! Fuck it!! Have a shot of tequila and drink a Bud Light with them!!

America-the sequester is days away. No matter what, someone is gonna get screwed and it will probably be  the Middle class again. More taxes to pay and less jobs to go around.

So why the hell do we try??  We are humans.

As a human, we try to be educated with what is going on out there and what the government is doing. I get all pissed off and depressed about this shit. No way to live.

So you try not to tayappention to that crap…which is EXACTLY what they want.

Sorry, just venting. Been hoping more ideas would come to me blog about to no avail…

What is with the pic? Hell, I don’t know. I guess she is hungry.

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