Bill-and-Teds-Excellent-A-002I have been on a quest for awhile on how to get the best face-satisfying shave for the best wallet-satisfying price. Here lately, it’s been the electric razor which is pretty good but still not quite as close as I would like, plus I usually have to follow up on the lower neck to get where my shirt collar would lie so I am not bothered all day by those lower whiskers plus my shirt collars last a bit longer.

My mistake was starting to use the Gillette Fusion razor, which is great but expensive. And my face is now ‘spoiled’ in that if I try to use a cheap disposable, my face pays the price. Enter the effort of trying to find convenient ways to make the razor last longer and avoid the financial fatality of buying new ones. I have read many things on many different sites, but it comes down to keeping the blades clean and dry between shavings.  So here comes some habit changing because I shave in the shower. The process maybe as easy as just keeping a cup in the shower with alcohol in it to put the razor in to be away from moisture.

I should point out that this would be isopropyl alcohol and not my fave beverage of choice, Southern Comfort. For obvious reasons. I would never leave the shower!!

Enter Dollar Shave Club. Possibly the answer to my (and many other men’s) prayers. I heard the radio commercials so I went to the site to see what it is all about. Maybe I could see the ‘catch’ before I made the jump of joining. Couldn’t see a ‘catch’, so I went ahead and joined the Dollar Shave Club. $1/month for 4 razors mailed to my door? There may be a catch, but it is worth a shot. The Dollar Shave Club actually has three different razors so the price is either $1, $6, or $10/month depending on how many blades you typically shave with. I chose the $6 package and will see how it goes. Even the $6/ month package saves me money and  I plan to either endorse or not in the next day or two. The website for Dollarshaveclub is pretty entertaining as well.  Kudos to Mike of DollarShaveClub for coming up with this awesome new venture.

If you are ever in need of having your Mac computer repaired and live in the Charlotte, NC area, I urge you to try Dat-A-Syst just south of Uptown Charlotte. My laptop suffered some moisture damage(somehow) and technician Chad was able to fix and charge a very competitive price to fix it. All the people there were awesome!!! Kudos to Dat-a-Syst.  Thank you Chad and Trish for getting my baby back to me in a timely manner.

I started a new site with tumblr. This site has a bit more raciness to it as I find that I need an outlet for some of the less politically correct items I encounter and /or think of and want to share. Sometimes I am sure it will be NSFW, I will warn you right now. That was the disclaimer. I personally am very hard to offend so#1 I find it hard to see why others are, and #2 yet still understand that people out there are my opposite to help balance the galaxy out. With that said, I DO NOT want hear or read whining on what I put on MY site. It won’t be porn(although I enjoy sexiness as much as the next guy), it won’t be terribly violent, it will just be my less filtered view of the world than this site. I would love the followers, so visit if you would like. Either way, I am in a better place with a place to be a bit more like I am. So here is the link again to my new site, and I will share in my blogroll as well.

I enjoyed typing this post in that I had something to say. Whether it was because I actually had something to say or because I have my new outlet or because this site has had hits in the 10’s area for the past 5 days, I am not sure. I still feel guilty that I have almost two weeks without a post.  Hopefully that does not happen again anytime soon.


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