First of all, update on the DollarShaveClub that I blogged about last post…IT WORKS!! And it works well. I am now a proud member of the DollarShave Club. I urge you to join as well. You don’t even really have to be a man. You could join for your husband so that you know you won’t be all scratched up.

Here is a link, like the others. And yes, if you use this link(since I told you about it and that it does indeed work and worth it), I will get free razors. So I would appreciate it if you did use this link. You can do the same thing once you join. Or send people my link. I am fine with that.  Plus you get this free card.

This whole sequester reminds me of another important event in history: Y2K. Well, so far anyways. Apparently March 27th is the date we should all be fearing? And in the next sentence I read that we give $2B in Foreign aid to countries like Egypt? How does that work? How are we giving away money we don’t have? Should that not be the first step in fixing our problems? Stop giving our own shit away?

I thought this was pretty damn cool.  I would not think it to be real, but if it was…

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