CAM00104So I stumbled upon this video the other day and thought I would share since I am a HUGE animal lover with two huskies of my own. As usual, there is propaganda that says that humanewatch is the fraud. Again…who do you believe?

So the video made by Humanewatch is saying that the Humane Society is not who they are supposed to be giving money to everyone BUT the animals. But to give the other side of the story, humanewatch is funded by some Uber lobbyist named Rich Berman who apparently is painted as being a  real scum of the earth guy.

“HumaneWatch is a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF). Both are the creation of corporate lobbyist Richard Berman, who attacks charities on behalf of the industries that anonymously fund his campaigns.”

Or is it? Is all this just more lies the internet has to read of and you just have to choose a side?

I will have to read about him some more because he seems like just the kind of person whom every American needs to hate. The epitome of what this country needs to do something about. All this just can’t be made up…

Obviously the theme has been changed here and since then I have got a HUGE boost in New users. But for what? I don’t see them doing anything on my site. I have not seen a huge spike in hits on tayappention, either so I can hardly think that users do anything for me. Can anyone answer this question for me, because I have not seen any difference except the increase in  emails telling me I have new Users…

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