kermitWatched the Billboard awards last night. I did enjoy the show although there were some things I noticed that I wanted to point out.

First of all, Kasey Musgraves seemed a bit out of tune. I watched other vids of her and they were OK, so I guess it was just at the Billboards that she did not sound that hot.

Also, Miley Cyrus did NOT seem too happy when Bieber won the Milestone award or whatever he won that Cyrus announced. What was with Bieber’s pants though? Is that the new style now?

I did enjoy Prince’s performance. Have not seen him around lately. It was good to see he was still working, now that he is an icon and all.

I am 46 today. Wow. What a life I have led. I try not to regret anything I have done, but there are things I wish I had done differently. Now let us see if I can make this life better.

But I digress…

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