cait linI have made a new discovery: I present to you-Cait Lin. She is not only a gifted electric Violinist with an awesome sound from the country of Zambia, but also very easy on the eyes. And her music is nothing to scoff at either. Did I mention she is also quite the looker? Check her out below. She is an up and comer whom I would love to see and hear in concert if she ever comes to Charlotte area in the great United States(hint, hint). She does covers of big hits as well as her own original music. And did I mention she looks great when she does them? The hits and covers, that is.

I am thinking she could get together with Mannheim Steamroller for a collaboration. That would be exciting…

You can like her on Facebook.  Subscribe to her on youtube. Follow her on the twitter.

Yesterdays post dealt with the indubitable demise of one of our cats. Just so you know, I did not break the neck of anything. As stated in the last post, he tangled with something much bigger and/or faster than he. This put him looking something like a cross between and Phantom of the opera and the walking dead. Being the good person that I am, I could not take his life by severing his head. Or being the big chicken that I am, one of the two, or both.

As I tried to clean the cat box yesterday afternoon, he kept on trying to use the damn thing. Well that is obviously not gonna work, so I promptly pushed him out the sliding glass door so I can finish the recurring task. I saw his ugly mug on the deck up to an hour later. Then he was gone. Not sure if he is coming back. ‘

‘Wow’, I thought, ‘this is awesome. He realizes just how disgusting he looks and has gone to end his life all on his own’. Can I be so lucky? I guess we shall see once I return to my home this evening…

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