images[6]Waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad. Truer words have never been spoken. But if everyone followed these words, what would the planet be like?

To find a mate/partner/friend who is totally in sync with you in likes, dislikes, aberrations, fetishes, etc is truly a feat. To be able to age and grow and ‘enjoy the same lifepath’ with said person and keep this relationship alive is even more of a feat.

So unless you are that lucky (because what else could it be but luck?), there will be varying degrees of compromise.  Sometimes there will be unhappiness…or worse, anger and resentment. How can you discourage that? For yourself or the significant other in question? Understanding, tolerance,resilience would be a good start.

“God does not want us to be happy. He wants us to be strong”

Understanding, tolerance and resilience are three good words that to me are synonymous with strong. And if you are strong, it’s easier to be happy. So to be happy, you need to be understanding, tolerant and resilient.

May I also mention that a mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.

And to follow that metaphor for another moment, if the parachute which is your mind is not open you will fall fast to a terrible and unhappy death…so if that parachute is open you will glide through a much happier life.

Am I imagining things or does it seem like Ethan Hawke is on a rebound career wise? Insidious, Purge and he has this new flick coming out in the fall called Getaway which caught my attention today. You go, Ethan.

So has it occurred to you that in 10000 years humans may not look as we do today? Me neither. But now that this subject has been brought up, it is very feasible. I have a hard time comprehending that this planet will even be around in 1000 years, let alone 10,000. Yet, some present homo sapiens have taken on the challenge of theorizing on this subject with current technologies and states in mind. Are they correct? We, in the present, will never know. Unless time travel is involved. Speaking of time travel, what is curious to me is that the renditions involved look a lot like what society has depicted as aliens to look like. With that being said, maybe ‘aliens’ are just future homo sapiens who have adapted to the point that present homo sapiens cannot communicate with them as we do today. And the space ships are actually time machines. Food for thought.

I could go on much further with this, but frankly I have enough on my mind in the present tense to think about…like what will Ethan do next?



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