Spartan-Up-Joe-DeSena1I was given the distinct honor(among I don’t know how many others) to critique  the new book Spartan up!: A Take-No-Prisoners guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving Peak Performance in Life. The author is founder of the Spartan Races which are held all over the world and is the fastest growing sport after mixed martial arts.

His name is Joe De Sena and he has created, owns, operates and facilitates all aspects of the Spartan races. Then he wrote the book of which I speak.

If you have seen the movie 300, then you have an idea of the upbringing and training a man would endure to become a spartan. Hardcore no shortcuts conditioning that forms a man into the best man a man could be: physically, mentally, spiritually.

This book is in my mind a very candid look at how one should master their lives-the Spartan Way. You don’t have to go on one of his races, but if you do you would have an even deeper understanding of what Joe is trying to convey.

His use of quotes and proverbs and other accomplished people’s lives throughout this book made the publication a good read from beginning to end. He constantly gives you true historical facts about truly great men and what their mindsets were to show you that if you want something bad enough, you have to work to get it. And if you get ‘it’ without cheating or shortcuts or instant gratification technique, the prize will be so much sweeter.

Joe doesn’t show you how to get from A to C the short way, he takes you the hard way and puts mud and hills and obstacles in your way that you have to conquer before you can even see C.  He will push you the whole way and tell you that this is the only true way to get there and have the best outcome and life experience when you are done.

Like only a true Spartan can know, understand and live.

Spartan Up!! And get this book!!! It shows you a no holds barred way of conquering your life.

You are welcome.

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