sunshine_meditationI have been a sun lover for a long time. I just love laying on the beach and soaking in all that Vitamin D. I would do lay out even more if it wasn’t for that nasty side effect of sunburn. To this day, I walk my huskies for at least an hour a day when I can just for more of the shine to my skin.

Talk about multitasking: The dogs get a walk. You get exercise. And you get your vitamin D. Plus I do really look good with a tan.

I have never really been worried about skin cancer from sun exposure although you hear the preaching about the terrible habit all summer long. Skin cancer is bad and you will get it from being out in the sun too long!! Save yourself!! Don’t go out there if you don’t have to!!

Well, guess what: There is a new study out that blows all those old cancer fears right off the beach!! That’s right. It’s not true!!

The study suggests that you NEED that sun for the best form of Vitamin D you can get. And that you shouldn’t use sunscreen because THAT is where the cancer is actually leading to cancer issues.

Funny, huh?

So I have a hard time believing anything I read on the WWW or really anything unless I have some hard proof from some credible source that I believe in and even then I am sceptical. Any truth can be twisted around to suit your needs and any human/scientist can be led to a certain outcome if motivated in the right way.

Humans can really suck sometimes.

So I have to ask myself “Why would someone lie like that?” What would be the possible reason someone would say that the sun is fine(in moderation) and good for you and the sunscreen is the culprit for cancer?

And what is next?

So it’s the sunscreen. Great. Now what? Homemade natural organic sunscreen, of course. Here is a link for a recipe. Seems pretty easy…

I am not sure I  believe this article although I do enjoy the fact that I may not be skin cancer ridden when I get old if the article is true. To be honest, I really don’t care because I like getting some of the Sol brother.


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